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Unlock career opportunities with a masters degree in investigation

Our exclusive webinar shared how you can elevate your career as a detective with a masters degree tailored for real-world success!

Your pathway to professional excellence

We were excited to present an insightful webinar in collaboration with Staffordshire University. Attendees heard about their masters degree programme, designed in partnership with industry experts including former senior police officers, criminologists, and psychologists. Their unique programme will immerse you in real-life case studies that directly apply to your work environment and offer practical insights and develop skills that are immediately transferable to enhance your investigative prowess.


Mel Warnes

National Detectives Lead - PFEW

Photo of Paul Matthews, PFEW Professional Development Lead

Paul Matthews

Professional Development Lead and Deputy Secretary of National Detectives Forum - PFEW

James Holyoak

Senior Lecturer in Policing and Leadership - Institute of Policing, Staffordshire University

Rob Lovesey

Business Development Manager - Serve and Protect CU

Nick Mills

Lecturer in Health, Education, Policing and Sciences - Staffordshire University


Welcome and introduction to webinar

Mel Warnes


Personal Experience

Join Paul as he shares his personal story in pursuing his masters degree. Learn about the challenges he faced and how he overcame them to achieve his academic goals.

He will describe how a masters degree can transform your career prospects, enhance your skills, and open up new opportunities, along with the tangible benefits that come with investing in your education.

Paul Matthews


New Opportunities | MSc in Investigative Practice

James will talk about this brand-new course which has been designed to align with the professionalising investigations programme (PIP), which has helped transform investigative practice in police forces. It is equivalent to ‘PIP 3’ – the level of training undertaken by senior investigating officers.

Now you can gain a formal qualification that recognises your transferable skills and enables you to move between sectors. It is ideal for professional development or for those just starting in their careers.

Whether dealing with fraud, organised crime, corruption, or murder, an investigator will need to make crucial decisions daily.

Yet outside of the world of policing, few professional courses equip law enforcement specialists with these vital skills. Our brand new MSc in Investigative Practice aims to bridge that gap. This qualification is relevant to police officers and police staff, aspiring private investigators, and those working in the commercial sector or for one of the hundreds of bodies that prosecute in the UK.

James Holyoak


Financial support for further education

Rob will guide you through the range of financial support options available to officers. From a tailored loan specifically for education to exclusive products you may not be aware of that could benefit you and your family.

Serve and Protect understands the unique challenges officers face and is there to help their members improve their financial resilience.

Rob Lovesey



Mel will facilitate questions from attendees to all our speakers.

Mel Warnes
Paul Matthews
James Holyoak
Rob Lovesey
Nick Mills


Wrap up and close

Mel Warnes

Frequently Asked Questions

This will need to be negotiated with your force directly.

Payments need to be paid to the university ahead of each semester.

By essays, presentations, and a dissertation in the final year.


Yes, the courses are designed to be done in conjunction with full-time employment. There is a commitment of course but it should be manageable.

The whole course is contemporary in approach, and there is an entire module on AI and investigation. 

We offer support dependent upon your learning needs which are assessed at enrolment 

September and January

The Federation has collaborated with Staffordfordshire University and Serve and Protect CU to try and deliver this as a pilot. If it is successful, we will try to do something similar with other universities.

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