Mark Fairhurst

National Chair, Prison Officers Association

Mark Fairhurst joined the Prison Service in April 1992 and was posted to HMP Frankland, a high security Prison in County Durham. After specialising as a Physical Education Instructor, he transferred to HMP Lancaster Farms in 1996 which at the time was a Young Offender Institute. In 1999 he eventually transferred to his home establishment HMP Liverpool were he remains to date.

In 2015 Mark was elected to the POA National Executive Committee after previously being Branch Chair at HMP Liverpool. He took up the role of Vice Chair of the POA in 2017 before being elected National Chair later in that year. Mark is currently serving his second term of office as POA National Chair.

Mark was born and bred in inner city Liverpool, enjoys all sports but his ultimate love is his home team of Everton FC.

Photo of Mark Fairhurst, National Chair, Prison Officers Association