Mark Aldred

Barrister - QEB Hollis Whiteman

Mark Aldred is one of the leading barristers in the law surrounding Police Driving. He acted for PC Holden in the case that brought the lack of protection for Police Drivers to the forefront of the media spotlight. He acted for PC McCall in the Court of Appeal in what is now the leading appellate case concerning sentencing of Police Drivers.


Mark Aldred has spearheaded a long-running campaign for a change in the law. He appeared on BBC Radio, wrote articles and spoke at numerous national Police Federation Conferences about this issue. Together with Tim Rogers, he discussed the issue with the then Attorney General, drafted a private members bill to bring about change and advised the Police Federation, the National Police Chief’s Council and the Parliamentary Advisory Committee for Transport Safety on the format of legislative change. He also developed and delivered training to the Subject Matter Experts in relation to the new legislation and their role as experts.