Kevin Wilson

Deputy National Treasurer

Kevin has been a police officer for more than 27 years, having initially joined Kent Police in June 1995 before transferring into Durham Constabulary where he has spent most of his policing career. Throughout this period of time he was predominantly a frontline police officer on 24/7 response and neighbourhood policing.

After becoming a local Fed rep at Darlington, Kevin was elected as the constables' chair, recognising his leadership skills and diplomacy in discussions between the different rank Boards and in 2010, he was elected as the Durham JBB chair and branch conduct lead, becoming the youngest chair in the country at that time. Kevin became the Durham branch secretary and treasurer during 2013, holding both these roles until this June 2022, having been a member of the National Council throughout that time.

Kevin has attained all the PFEW, SFJ Level 4 Awards: in representing his members, in health & safety, in equality and for conduct & performance and attendance matters. He also holds the recognised NEBOSH qualification within the H&S arena and the PFEW, SFJ, Level 6 Awards in serious and complex cases of conduct, performance and attendance, equality issues and post incident procedures (PIP). He is also an accredited PFEW mental health first aider.

On becoming a National Board member on behalf of Region 2, Kevin has been duly elected as the deputy national treasurer from 1 July 2022 to support the national treasurer and PFEW finance team, as well as working closely with all the other internal and external financial stakeholders involved with PFEW.

His priorities in his new role are to understand he is one of the next guardians of the national PFEW funds, ensuring PFEW has good financial governance, greater transparency and trust with its members and that PFEW funds are bringing the best possible value they can, as well as professionally building a healthy and stable financial future in order to allow PFEW to be able to continue to represent its members and police officers for many decades to come.

Photo of Kevin Wilson, PFEW Deputy National Treasurer