John Beckwith

Director - Forensic Collision Investigation Network (FCIN)

John Beckwith will be joining the FCIN as Director later this year having worked in forensic science and policing for over 36 years. He has been instrumental in developing areas like streamlined forensic reporting, standardisation in digital forensics examinations, marketplace development, and implementing and embedding quality standards across forensic science.

He said; “I’m delighted to be offered this important role to lead the FCIN and support the FCI network across England and Wales, ensuring the underpinning science in all these investigations has integrity and is improved over time.”

“I’m an innovative, instinctive leader focused on delivering impactive and impartial forensic science for victims, their families and communities through multiskilled teams of professionals. I have led the design and delivery of national projects across the forensics community and have well established networks and experience of engagement across the sector.”

“I have a strong public service ethos to support developing the FCIN team and services, its competency and culture of professionalism.  I am an authentic and engaging leader setting clear direction and expectations for my teams, recognising the strength and value of individuals, local ownership and accountability.”

“The FCIN’s strategic direction to support 43 police forces efficiently through to accreditation, whilst supporting successful CJ outcomes and a reduction in serious and fatal collisions on our roads is well established. This trusted service needs to continue to fit with the changing world of vehicle automation, behaviours, environment and needs of member forces, whilst enduring and converging quality management cultures to minimise duplication.”