Pete Clarke

Detective Inspector - Thames Valley Police

Pete has been a serving Police officer for just over 21 Years. As a Constable, he worked on shift, proactive, priority crime, CID and Major Crime. After promotion to Sergeant he went back to uniform, then custody for almost three years before moving across to a CID DS followed by Major Crime DS. Pete has now been a DI for three years working through the MSCDIP and then the PIP 3 SIO programme.

Now on the Force SIO cadre, Pete is on call for homicide, serious crime, and crimes in action. He has spent the majority of his career as a Detective and has sadly worked on an attempted murder of a police officer and two homicides of police officers so is acutely aware of the risks our frontline officers face. Pete is currently the deputy SIO on Operation Maple which is the premature collapse of Didcot power station in 2016 that claimed the lives of four men and is an extremely complex investigation.