Andy Smith

Forensic Collision Investigation Lead - PFEW

Andy joined Northumbria Police in 1994 and was stationed within the Newcastle West Area Command until 1999 when he joined Motor Patrols.

In 2011 he became a Forensic Collision Investigator, based at Etal Lane, where he remained until mid-2023. During that time, in 2016, he also became a 'Fed Rep' with much of his work based around supporting members in the Ops Support Department throughout a variety of issues.

Andy currently holds the branch board Roads Policing Lead and national Forensic Collision Investigation Lead positions. He has also undertaken the additional branch roles of trustee and then deputy treasurer.

In mid-2023 Andy became the branch Treasurer and Deputy Secretary. Whilst this involves supporting our members in a variety of ways, he predominantly manages the finances of the Federation branch, Group Insurance, and The National Police Healthcare Scheme