Andy Cox

Detective Chief Superintendent - Metropolitan Police

Andy is a Detective Chief Superintendent with the Metropolitan Police Service, and holds a Masters Degree in Criminology and Police Leadership from Cambridge University. Andy has previously been the lead for Vision Zero, the programme designed to eradicate road death in London. His portfolio included Road Death and Transport Crime Investigation, which was widely recognised within national and international policing, as well as by key road safety stakeholders, and the public.

Within the sector, Andy is considered an innovator, and somebody who radically enhances the profile of roads policing. Andy has changed the approach to this field of policing to  being 'intelligence-led', targeting the roads, people and causes of greatest risk to the public. He embedded collaboration as a key ethos of road danger reduction, by bringing together all key road safety stakeholders, and collectively agreeing plans to target specific issues and broader themes. Andy is the national chair of both the strategic board for serious collision investigation and the public road crime reporting board. He has presented his investigation strategies internationally to bodies such as a World Health Organisation, and routinely features on mainstream television and radio discussing road danger.

Over the last three years, Andy has completed a variety of endurance events to support RoadPeace - a charity that supports bereaved families following a road collision - and in doing so has galvanised policing across the country and other emergency services to take part in the events. So far, over £150,000 has been raised, and the event has secured widespread national media coverage.  Andy’s aim is that with this challenge, he can amplify victims' voices, and bring road danger reduction to the forefront of a national conversation. He is determined to stop needless deaths and injuries on our roads. Andy was awarded UK wide Road Safety Leader awards in 2021 and 2022, and more recently received the prestigious UK Highways Industry award for outstanding leadership and contribution to road safety.