Ali Rowse

Police Constable - Hampshire & Isle of Wight Constabulary

Ali was initially part of a fundraising group, that raised over £10,000 for Cancer Research. Ali was supporting her Dad who at the time had received a terminal cancer diagnosis, a colleague was struggling to support his wife with a terminal diagnosis and another had news he had testicular cancer, they were all supporting each other and which made them realise that others may also need this, so they created 'The Cancer Support Group', which went live in Hampshire in February 2024.

The group comprises of 28 volunteers currently, known as ‘Buddies’. They all have a lived experience in some form and are passionate about supporting others, improving awareness, helping Line Managers support staff, and fundraising. In the long term, they hope to increase testing in Force to more than just PSA testing for men.

Sadly, one of the officers PC Kev White who was instrumental in setting the group up, sadly died in February and Ali lost her Dad in December 2023.